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Posted: 17/4/18 11:08

Davide Squillace gives us an insight into his tour life

Davide Squillace is a key player in the global tech house scene. The Italian rose to prominence with his now legendary and seemingly endless back to back sets with Matthias Tanzmann at Circoloco. He still plays with the party all over the world, has started his own label, This And That and clearly is a man that values a snooze.

The city you would love to move to one day?

Davide: I don’t think there is a city I would love to move to. Actually, before having the first kid, my idea was to move to different cities every three months for a year. But obviously that didn’t work. I think I would like to move to Japan for 6-8 months. It’s far away geographically and far away culturally. That’s very exciting. Apart from the craziness in behaviour and aesthetics, I love the indescribable respect they have towards different things in life. I know sometimes there’s a very dark side under that but I would love to experience a longer stay in Japan. 

Where do you live now? Why do you like it there?

I’ve lived in Barcelona for 15 years. I love it here, it feels like home in many ways, aesthetically and emotionally

The last time you got into trouble with a hotel?

Davide: I was smoking cigarettes. I think I was in the bathroom and lit my third cigarette. At a certain point the alarm system went off, I was like “oh shit! that’s my fault, what I am going to do”. Obviously I put the cigarette out and opened the window. Then I realised it was just an alarm they do once a day to make sure it works…

The last place to blow your mind was?

Davide: The last place to blow my mind was when I was with my girl’s family in Brazil. They have this fantastic place in the forest where there are probably forty huge birds walking just through the corridors. Loads of different type of animals totally free, I felt like I was in an open zoo. It was warm and first thing in the morning, I would get a beer. They had football fields, so I would play football the time and apparently, I sucked. That dimension, when you think of Brazil – they have so many troubles, so many corruptions. But when you realise the real beauty that is in Brazil, you forget about the problems. 

Napoli - home: 

You never got on a flight without?

Davide: My ticket! And my iPad because I have different manuals that I read while I’m away for things that I buy, which is a passion I’ve always had since I was younger. Now I don’t really have much time on my hands but when I’m up there it’s like I have time to do that. The problem is I fall asleep after 20 minutes every time.

The most surreal thing that’s ever happened to you while travelling was?

I think once I was on a plane, and after so many shows I didn’t actually know where I was. Five minutes later I realised I was on a plane, and I went to the steward and I said “Listen where are we going?”. I think it was a long flight to South America in the end. 

The most unique place you’ve ever played at?

Davide: I think one of the most unique is this club in Puglia. It’s in the forest and it has different levels, so people are dancing on different levels but it’s so natural. It’s not touched by men in a way. In the morning when the sun comes up, the leaves create this movie-like atmosphere. It’s unbelievable but I can’t remember the name of the club.

Best thing you have bought recently?

I keep on buying pieces for my modular synth, the first one I bought 20 years ago and still can’t get enough.

The daftest thing you’ve ever done while travelling?

Davide: While I was travelling, I fell asleep at the gate and woke up like 6 hours later

We assume the flight had left.

Davide's LP 'Once Upon a Time in Napoli' is out now on Crosstown Rebels. To buy, click here

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