Podcast Flashback :: Paco Osuna

Words by: I Voice
Posted: 15/4/18 15:07

Paco Osuna: main room man, par excellence..

The Ibiza Voice Classic Podcast :: Paco Osuna
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Paco Osuna is one of Spain’s foremost techno titans. In a genre dominated by Germans and Americans, he has very much made his own stamp on the scene both in the studio and the DJ booth.

Even back in 2010, when this podcast was originally put out, he was on a constant trip round the globe from major festival to major festival, playing across all of North America as well as Europe. In part this was down to having been an Amnesia resident in previous years, as well as also being part of the Cocoon Booking agency since the turn of the millennium. He had also helped make Barcelona’s Club 4 an internationally renowned venue by playing on rotation with Marco Carola and Christian Smith.

Since 2003, Osuna had also been heading up his own Shake label, with Mindshake coming later to represent an evolution in that sound. At its heart mania techno but in reality much more than the dry and abstract sounds that became the norm, he learned on jazz for inspiration next to melodies form Detroit and the dub sound of Berlin. All this lead to him releasing on the likes on Ovum and Analytic Trail, as well as, of course, Richie Hawtin’s celebrated Plus 8 and Minus labels.

These days he’s too busy DJing to put out much music, but continues to impress in the clubs with a DJ and live hybrid show as well as straight DJ sets. He is someone who’s able to to take the most minimalistic audio palette and inject it with his own personality. An emphasis on clarity, momentum, depth and dynamism always stands him apart and that shows in the hour mix he put together for our podcast series.

It’s economical and efficient loop techno but with real character. His plump, rubbery grooves are embellished with spooky vocal sounds, freaky synth flashes and a sense of personality that makes them all the more compelling.

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