Ibiza 2018 - No Ricardo at Cocoon this summer?

Words by: I Voice
Posted: 16/4/18 13:37

 A gleeful Ricardo sifts through his records at Legends 2017, photo credit: Facebook

Amnesia have been at the centre of Ibizan attention over the past few months, due to the exodus of some of its best known parties - Cocoon and Cream are moving to other venues and the apparent absence of HYTE from summer 2018.

Moves started being made with the announcement of the Abode / Do Not Sleep pair up on Thursday nights and this has been followed by a very under-the-radar announcement of the new Pyramid event, which will take over the weekly Monday slot previously held by Cocoon.

And what to make of the Pyramid Opening on June 4? Well, it's some statement, first of all. Klock AND Villalobos on the same bill, although in different rooms (Klock in Club Room, Ricky on familiar turf on the Terrace). Now, Ricardo on the Terrace on a Monday night in Ibiza is nothing new but - hang on - its not Cocoon. They are Wednesdays at Pacha.

Has the unthinkable occurred and Sven's crew metamorphosed again, but left one of their most loved butterflies behind? No word yet but maybe that's why this one was left low-key. Curiouser and curiouser….

Full Pyramid Opening details - click here

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