ADE - First Themes, Topics and Artists Announced

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Posted: 16/4/18 17:46
ADE will once again grace the canals and clubs of Amsterdam in October, photo credit: Facebook 
Whether you’re a DJ or a dancer, ADE is an essential week in your calendar. The five day and night conference returns again for its 23rd edition from October 17th to 21st. 
Musically, so far it has been announced that Jon Hopkins will take over Paradiso for a special live performance and DeLaMar theatre will take centre stage in ADE’s b2b activities. ADE Health is also back with a spotlight on staying sane in the music business (good luck there!) and there will be panel discussions about why so many people, brands and even hotels are starting their own record labels. 
The country focus for this year is South Korea, with various events revealing what’s really going on in the country’s music industry. One of the traditional Pavillions will be dedicated to South Korea and ADE’s conference sessions will reveal what you need to do to have a chance of selling your music or breaking an artist there. There will be info on who to contact to book shows and tours, how local musical tastes are evolving, and how best to interact with Korea’s entertainment market leaders.
Returning his year after a small hiatus will be the Best Practice Sessions which feature topics delegates dive deep into with the help of experts in each field and ensure you are the most clued up and most effective business operator you can be in any given subject area. This year the sessions will have an interactive twist and include topics like: Forming Your Own Publishing Company, Being an Artist Without a Manager and What Sort of People make the Best Event Organisers?
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