Carl Cox To Play Pacha, Amnesia and DC10 This Summer

Words by: Johnny Lee
Posted: 19/4/18 13:08

Carl Cox will be back at Amnesia this year with his beaming smile and unrivalled selection, photo credit: Lighuen Desanto

It's time to stop the presses! The biggest news of the Ibiza off-season has just landed.

After 15 years smashing the doors in at Space, followed by a season of colossal events at Privilege and Benimussa Park, this summer Game Over take their unadulterated rave circus on the road. As part of their new One Night Stand concept, they'll be bringing the King, Carl Cox, and stopping-off at Pacha, Amnesia and the legendary DC10 across the season.

As soon as we heard news, we called-up the main man himself, Mr. Carl Cox, who, together with Game Over boss Eoin Smyth, laid out exactly what underground ravers visiting Ibiza have to look forward to this summer. Game Over are the embodiment of the Ibiza Voice ideal - independent and underground to the core - check our State of Play feature from partner, co-owner and island hero Dave Browning..

"To kick everything off, we're going to be doing a ONE NIGHT STAND season warm-up event at Pacha on May 20th," says Game Over boss Eoin Smyth. "Carl won't be playing at this one; the line-up is going to be a bit more dubby, with Cassy, Archie Hamilton and Ferro, one of our favourites from the VBX crew in Amsterdam. The idea behind the ONE NIGHT STAND concept is to mix headliners with fresh faces. Going into Pacha, our plan is simple: turn off the lights, turn up the soundsystem, smoke, lasers, energy and off we go!"

Expect the One Night Stand warm-up party on May 20th to be more than just a mild prolusion in preparation for the heat of July and August. This gig has all the hallmarks of a landmark occasion. Not only is it your first chance to check out Game Over's new party concept, the event also offers clubbers a chance to explore Pacha's newly renovated Main Room for the first time.

But even more importantly, perhaps, the question we're all asking ourselves right now is: when does global techno ambassador, pioneer and undisputed don Carl Cox land on the island? Well, you'll have to wait until the height of peak season. July 2nd, to be exact, when Carl Cox takes to the helm at the mighty Amnesia. "Alongside Carl we’ll be mixing it up with some industry heavyweights and some fresh new faces to tear the roof off," Eoin continues. "In terms of the sound in the club room, it’s going to be all about that forward thinking, micro house, dubby techno buzz. And we'll definitely be tapping into Amnesia's iconic old school spirit." 

The following week, ONE NIGHT STAND makes a welcome return to Pacha. "Carl will be performing all night long at this one," Eoin says. "It's something he's wanted to do for a long time. You've heard Carl play disco, house, techno, upfront sounds, more bouncy stuff, now we're going to hear the full journey. I think the concept will suit the quintessential Pacha vibe."

Then, on Friday August 3, it's time to get down and dirty at everyone's favourite rave den, DC10. "Expect between eight to 10 DJs in there," Eoin nods, "placed carefully throughout the rooms. If we can open the Garden there's always the potential for Carl to play two sets at this one. But let’s see."

Carl Cox and The Martinez Brothers shelling it down at Benimussa Park 2017 

When it comes to consolidating the remainder of the DC10 line-up, the Game Over team have spent much of the winter honing in on fresh faces to complement the roster. "The plan is to promote new talent that very rarely gets the chance to play in Ibiza, let alone DC10." Eoin explains. "There's so much solid talent out there at the moment and it's going largely unheard. This summer, we're going to try to break as much of it as we can. For us, it makes sense to change things up. The way we look at it, it's time to let the music do the talking. That's why, over the past seven or eight months, we've been touring different locations, different clubs, taking in what's going on. And the talent out there is just incredible. Hopefully we can create a platform for these kids. If they are good enough, there's no reason why they can’t be included in the mix alongside some of our top tier headliners.”

Over the years, many Ibiza DJs have taken their ideas from club to club, moving, adjusting and adapting in accordance with the annual flux of the scene. But until now, no one has ever taken their party concept on the road in a single season in the way that Carl Cox is poised to do in 2018. "It's exciting," Carl replies when we raise this historical fact, "but irrespective of whatever club I happen to be playing at this summer, at Game Over Productions we're totally focused on our new One Night Stand formula for these events. If we get the formula right, then we know we'll be able to put our own unique stamp on each of the venues, which, in the end, is what it's all about. As you can imagine, in the last 15 years of me being at Space, we had all those rooms to play with, each their own particular atmosphere, but in truth the people were the ones that created the vibe. They were still clapping and cheering when they walked away at the end, even though they'd been in that club for 10 straight hours. So I'm also very conscious of not overcomplicating things. I really do think today's promoters are thinking too hard. We're looking to create the kind of atmosphere you get at a house party. And to do that, in terms of the music, I try not to just play hit records. But I do try to play records that you love, which I think, ultimately, is how you build a really successful night."

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