March 1st sees Franck Rogers latest release on Home Invasion and Ibiza voice sat down to catch up and find about living a healthy lifestyle in the dance world
Franck Roger talks Home Invasion & healthy living in dance music
Words By I Voice
Posted the: 14/3/17 16:34
IULY.B returns with a second EP on Visionquest this March following on from his hugely successful debut EP.
IULY.B, Visionquest and 'Surreal Experience'
Words By I Voice
Posted the: 14/3/17 15:46
Lauren Lo Sung talks about her new EP, DJ Steaw and life as a modern DJ
Lauren Lo Sung talks DJ Steaw, Vinyl and life as a 'modern DJ'
Words By I Voice
Posted the: 28/2/17 16:45
Djebali releases '5' album - Ibiza Voice catches up with him
A catch up with Djebali
Words By I Voice
Posted the: 20/2/17 18:03
Audiofly interview ahead of SX Music Festival
A word with Audiofly
Words By Sara de La Calle
Posted the: 14/2/17 9:01
Interview with German DJ, producer & label owner Christian Burkhardt
Christian Burkhardt: "I never did this because of the business side of things. For me it’s a lifestyle..."
Words By Niamh O’Connor
Posted the: 22/12/16 10:57
Interview with Ciszak
Meet Brazilian DJ/Producer Ciszak
Words By Allan Goodman
Posted the: 22/12/16 8:57
Interview with Hungarian DJ & producer Jay Lumen
Jay Lumen: "On this album I just tell my stories that I’ve never told before..."
Words By Louis Curtis
Posted the: 21/12/16 8:02
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