Wednesday 26th Oct, 2016
Compilation & Round Up
Interview with Peloton Musique boss, DJ and Producer, Aron Schoppert
Pacific Waves compilation on Peloton Musique
Words By Louis Curtis
Posted the: 5/10/16 8:11
Interview with Amsterdam based DJ & producer Patrice Bäumel
Patrice Bäumel: "Contrasts make music exciting; they create emotion, they surprise, they tell the story..."
Words By Benny Maths
Posted the: 3/5/16 10:05
Dutch deep house DJ Maestro enlists crop of talent to rework Simone's classic 1958 LP
DJ Maestro remixes Nina Simone's classic album 'Little Girl Blue'
Words By Joe Gamp
Posted the: 29/4/16 16:02
Interview with Hamburg based DJ and Producer Matthias Meyer
Watergate 20 - Matthias Meyer: "I tried to do it the same way as I like to play as a DJ..."
Words By Henry McGraw
Posted the: 21/3/16 9:29
Interview with Sean Brosnan, head of Needwant Records
Sean Brosnan: "Searching for a complete journey where the listener never wants to flick forward..."
Words By Ben Stewart
Posted the: 2/2/16 8:30
Interview with Motech Records head honcho Franki Juncaj AKA DJ300
Motech & Friends: "The main purpose is to push new exciting artist & sounds"
Words By Errol Leslie
Posted the: 14/12/15 12:16
Interview with Eli Goldstein & Charles Levine AKA Soul Clap
Soul Clap: "Classic, deep & groovy house, but still with energy.
Words By Allan Goodman
Posted the: 2/11/15 8:47
Interview with Sergio Muñoz (Delete) & Israel Sunshine AKA Fur Coat
Fur Coat: "If you do not create or stamp your own story, you will never be different..."
Words By Mantis Kane
Posted the: 28/5/15 15:35

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