Tuesday 06th Dec, 2016
Interview with Italian DJ & producer Tuccillo
Tuccillo: "Los Amigos EP is dedicated to someone who has seen the birth of all this music..."
Words By Louis Curtis
Posted the: 5/12/16 8:20
Interview with Toronto, Canada dj & producer duo TJ Train & Pavel Gorin AKA Night Vision + Exclusive session
Night Vision: "We try to keep our sound fun & groovy..."
Words By Allan Goodman
Posted the: 1/12/16 11:40
Interview with Slovenian Dj, producer, label owner & entrepreneur, Uroš Umek
Umek: "It's not in my nature to look back too much, I'm already looking forward to 2017"
Words By Henry McGraw
Posted the: 30/11/16 12:22
Interview with US & Berlin-based DJ, producer & label owner, Purveyors Of Fine Funk AKA Dan Curtin
Now is the time to bring back the "Purveyors Of Fine Funk"
Words By Errol Leslie
Posted the: 30/11/16 12:21
Interview with UK producer & live performer, Joseph Keevill AKA Saytek
Saytek: "It’s all arranged live with loads of improvisation..."
Words By Allan Goodman
Posted the: 29/11/16 11:04
Interview with Volkoder
Meet Brazilian DJ & producer Marcos Benedetti AKA Volkoder
Words By Louis Curtis
Posted the: 28/11/16 7:23
Interview with Toronto producer, live performer & DJ, Jake Fairley AKA Fairmont
Fairmont: "I'm ready to move on, expect something with a lot more energy & power."
Words By Louis Curtis
Posted the: 23/11/16 13:58
Interview with Swedish & Berlin-based DJ, producer & label owner, Pär Grindvik
Pär Grindvik: "This album is kind of homage to the music that made me who I am..."
Words By Allan Goodman
Posted the: 23/11/16 8:08
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