Friday 30th Sep, 2016
Label Feature
In The Groove with Retrograde... Interview with label head Marlon Hoffstadt
Retrograde... In The Groove: "I really liked that Idea of not doing what everyone expects from you..."
Words By Elle Clarke
Posted the: 15/9/16 8:34
In The Groove with Käse Kool... Interview with label head Walker
Käse Kool... In The Groove: "Dubby, minimal with rolling grooves..."
Words By Elle Clarke
Posted the: 7/9/16 7:30
Rebirth 10 Year's Anniversary - Interview with head honcho, Daniele Contrini a.k.a. Shield
Rebirth 10 Year's Anniversary: "If you want something done, do it yourself..."
Words By Errol Leslie
Posted the: 15/7/16 9:19
In The Groove with Get Twisted Records... Interview with bosses Tough Love's Alex and Stef
Get Twisted Records... In The Groove: "True house in all facets..."
Words By Benny Maths
Posted the: 5/7/16 11:53
In The Groove with Catch Recordings... Interview with head honcho Nadsat
Catch Recordings... In The Groove: "Let your mind wander & just go with the creative flow...."
Words By Henry McGraw
Posted the: 29/6/16 8:49
In The Groove with Déepalma Records... Interview with head honcho Yves Murasca
Déepalma Records... In The Groove: "True house in all facets..."
Words By Jake Price
Posted the: 29/4/16 8:08
In The Groove with URSL... Interview with bosses duo Soukie & Windish
URSL... In The Groove: "We are not a concept label, we are releasing what we like..."
Words By Ben Stewart
Posted the: 25/4/16 8:03
Interview with Groovepressure head honchoRobin Ball; the man behind London’s Memory Box parties.
Groovepressure... In The Groove: "Maintaining the deep, dark, underground warehouse vibes..."
Words By Ben Stewart
Posted the: 5/4/16 8:16
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