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Trial by social media has become an all too common occurrence and this one went way overboard.
For The Record: Did Jezzer-gate Go Too Far?
Words By I Voice
Posted the: 14/9/17 17:03
Your track ID vids could one day save somebody’s bacon if Facebook pay their way
For The Record: Will a music publishing matrix save the day?
Words By I Voice
Posted the: 9/9/17 17:21
Families in Ibiza are just as under threat as ravers
FOR THE RECORD: Make Ibiza affordable for the many not the few
Words By I Voice
Posted the: 4/9/17 19:54
A new study has revealed just how wide the gender gap is in electronic music.
For The Record: Gender inequality in dance music is embarrassing
Words By I Voice
Posted the: 28/8/17 21:46
Need description
For The Record: we need to make a stand more than ever
Words By I Voice
Posted the: 19/8/17 12:53
Rising prices on the island could spell the end for the island's club scene
For The Record: Ibiza's obsession with VIP tourism is out of control
Words By I Voice
Posted the: 10/8/17 14:08
Tiga's Facebook post and why DJs need to stop keeping up pretences
For The Record: we need more authenticity in dance music
Words By I Voice
Posted the: 7/8/17 12:04
What does the new change mean in reality?
For The Record: it is too soon to declare a war on Ibiza clubs
Words By I Voice
Posted the: 21/7/17 18:48
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