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How much of a conversation is this topic worth?
Facebook Like Checker - Scandal or Storm In a Teacup?
Words By I Voice
Posted the: 22/3/18 17:22
Is the news of Paris Hilton leaving Ibiza true and what does it mean for the island?
For The Record: Please let this be the last of Paris Hilton in Ibiza
Words By I Voice
Posted the: 9/2/18 14:43
Track ID culture is hotly dividing dance music but we ask the question, what's wrong with being so excited by a track that you need to know the name?
For The Record: In Defence of Track IDs
Words By I Voice
Posted the: 8/1/18 16:47
Why Ibiza needs to get real about clubs and lead from the front in integrating nightlife with its local communities
For The Record: Why San An’s 3am Club Ban Is Madness
Words By I Voice
Posted the: 12/12/17 14:53
The Rainbow Venues in Birmingham is the latest UK club to have its licence revoked for drug deaths.
For The Record: Isn't It Time Clubs Weren't Held Accountable For Drug Deaths?
Words By I Voice
Posted the: 29/11/17 14:57
The latest story to attract the negativity and ire of dance music’s bitterest commentators is news of underground Resistance teaming up with Carhartt on a new UR line of clothing
For The Record: the 'Underground' Died a Long Time Ago
Words By I Voice
Posted the: 21/11/17 13:40
Are the sexual misconduct scandals to hit dance music just the tip of the iceberg?
For The Record: Is This the Quiet Before the Storm for Sexual Misconduct in Dance Music?
Words By I Voice
Posted the: 17/11/17 18:41
It was another mind blowing week for ADE and a huge week for Amsterdam as a raving destination — But how can the event remain at the top of its game?
For The Record: Why ADE Is Electronic Music at its Best
Words By I Voice
Posted the: 31/10/17 12:21
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