Interview - Words by Ben Stewart
Interview with German DJ, Producer, sound engineer & record collector, Mario Weise AKA Marlow
Marlow: "The art of an album for me is to get it all together & try to let it flow."
Words By Ben Stewart
Posted the: 28/6/16 8:09
Interview with Unclear Records bosses, duo brothers Elia & Niro Perrone AKA Easy To Remember
Easy To Remember: "We created Unclear with the idea of making ourselves a reason to be understood..."
Words By Ben Stewart
Posted the: 15/6/16 9:14
Interview with French DJ, Producer, remixer & label owner JR from Dallas
JR from Dallas: "I feel really good knowing that pure house music is back..."
Words By Ben Stewart
Posted the: 7/6/16 8:14
Interview with Beirut based DJ/producer Nabih Esta AKA Nesta & AKA Technophile
Technophile: "Beirut is definitely a special & charismatic city, a mixture & clash of so many different cultures... "
Words By Ben Stewart
Posted the: 6/6/16 9:31
Interview with Joseph Price AKA Third Son
Meet London DJ & Producer Third Son
Words By Ben Stewart
Posted the: 25/5/16 10:18
Interview with Brighton based producer Nathan Pope AKA Antenna Happy
Antenna Happy: "I loved acting & performing, & that passion remained..."
Words By Ben Stewart
Posted the: 23/5/16 9:11
Interview with San Francisco based technology developer, producer & DJ, Mark Slee
Mark Slee: "Manjumasi is really the focal point at the moment..."
Words By Ben Stewart
Posted the: 10/5/16 11:57
Interview with Istanbul born & Essen based DJ & producer Ahmet Sisman
Ahmet Sisman: "Limitation challenges you to be creative..."
Words By Ben Stewart
Posted the: 3/5/16 12:55
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