Interview - Words by Henry McGraw
Interview with Italian DJ, producer & labels owner Alessandro Magani AKA Flashmob
Flashmob: "I am happy because I stand alone as a brand independently & I am free to do what I feel..."
Words By Henry McGraw
Posted the: 14/12/16 8:04
Interview with Markos Spanoudakis aka Kreon
Catch up with Greek-born & London-based DJ & Producer Kreon
Words By Henry McGraw
Posted the: 12/12/16 7:50
Interview with Mar-T and Luca Donzelli
Catch up with production duo Mar-T & Luca Donzelli
Words By Henry McGraw
Posted the: 8/12/16 8:19
Interview with Brazilian DJ, producer, label manager & University professor, Andre Salata
Andre Salata: " It's a pleasure to connect to the young producers & feel all that energy!"
Words By Henry McGraw
Posted the: 6/12/16 11:39
Interview with Slovenian Dj, producer, label owner & entrepreneur, Uroš Umek
Umek: "It's not in my nature to look back too much, I'm already looking forward to 2017"
Words By Henry McGraw
Posted the: 30/11/16 12:22
Interview with French DJ, producer & Robsoul head honcho, Phil Weeks
Phil Weeks: "It’s all started with my passion I had for House Music..."
Words By Henry McGraw
Posted the: 22/11/16 8:07
Interview with German DJ, producer & labels owner DJ Emerson
DJ Emerson: "My music gets its kick out of repetition & loops..."
Words By Henry McGraw
Posted the: 17/11/16 10:42
Interview with Jamaican Dj & Producer duo Jeremy Harding and Christopher Edmonds AKA Echomatik
Echomatik: "Techno is a mood & Jamaican music is a vibe..."
Words By Henry McGraw
Posted the: 9/11/16 9:16
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