Interview - Words by Mantis Kane
Interview with English DJ & Producer Pierre Codarin
Pierre Codarin: "It is good for me to have a real natural work flow & writing live is the best way."
Words By Mantis Kane
Posted the: 12/1/16 9:27
Interview with Spanish DJ & Producer Javier Orduña
Javier Orduña: "No simulation, all real analogue..."
Words By Mantis Kane
Posted the: 4/11/15 9:02
Interview with Detroit DJ & Producer Gary Martin
Gary Martin: "I don't think we are going to see a decline in innovative music from Detroit."
Words By Mantis Kane
Posted the: 12/10/15 13:45
Interview with DJ/Producer DJ Sneak
DJ Sneak: "The old DJ Sneak sound is now the new sound..."
Words By Mantis Kane
Posted the: 18/9/15 11:02
Interview with Sieg Motmans AKA Siege
Siege: "I love a straightforward jacking groove - but also love melodies and vocals..."
Words By Mantis Kane
Posted the: 17/9/15 9:14
Interview with Nicole Moudaber
Nicole Moudaber: "I’m feeling the love which is what Ibiza is about..."
Words By Mantis Kane
Posted the: 14/8/15 10:16
Interview with UK duo Nick McCall & Dave Robinson AKA insignificant Others
insignificant Others: "We just make music that we like & feels right for us & hope that other people will like it too."
Words By Mantis Kane
Posted the: 2/6/15 8:40
Interview with DJ, producer and Dame-Music label boss, Bloody Mary + Exclusive Podcast
Bloody Mary: "I need to touch, to feel and to create all sounds with my hands and ears..."
Words By Mantis Kane
Posted the: 28/4/15 9:18
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